what is technical support?

Technical support services attempt to help the user solve a specific problem. These services are required when your workstation is manifesting specific system performance issues, preventing you from working in an efficient manner.

why do I need technical support?

In many situations, the specific system issues being experienced can cripple the workstation making it very difficult to be productive. You may be able to ignore the problem for a while but it could eventually bring your whole system to a halt.

what is the difference between technical support services and preventative maintenance?

Technical support addresses specific system performance issues within a short time-frame after they arise, while preventative maintenance consists of a set of procedures performed on a regularly scheduled basis to maximize the productivity of your computer.

why should I choose Loop?

A Loop corporate account manager will work with you to develop a technical support agreement that suits your needs and budget. Or you can “pay-as-you-go”, by simply contacting our service department to schedule a service call.

is my data safe?

Absolutely! Loop staff strive to protect your data as it is one of your most valuable assets. Additionally, Loop technicians are bound by corporate policy to maintain your data confidential and private.

where do technical support services take place?
  • On-site technicians go to your location
  • Remotely technicians access your systems remotely
  • Depot diagnosed in our state-of-the-art service facility.
how quickly are technical support services delivered?
  • Critical Service remotely within 1 hour
  • Emergency Service on-site or remotely within 2-3 hours
  • Regular Service on-site or remotely within 24 hours

For depot service, a technician will contact you with a diagnostic within 24 hours of Loop receiving your computer.

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