what is printer maintenance?

It’s a service delivered by our certified technicians than ensures your laser printer keeps running. This program includes a complete cleaning of all the major components of your printer. It also includes a thorough inspection of the mechanical parts for wear and tear.

why do I need printer maintenance?

To most people, their printer is an essential tool in the production workflow and if it breaks down it causes major delays. Thoroughly cleaning the unit aids in the prevention of mechanical failures. Over time and use, wear and tear naturally take place. This can lead to poor output or frequent paper jams. Our certified technician monitors this wear and tear, proactively replacing worn parts before they break down.

where and when is the printer maintenance service completed?

You don’t have to worry about shipping or delivering any of your equipment to us, our technicians come to your location twice per year to perform the printer maintenance. Appointments are scheduled around your production demands so your workflow is not interrupted.

why should I choose Loop?

Our certified printer technicians are specialists in the field. This is what they do – maintain and service laser printers. Whether you use Colour or Black & White printing in your workflow, our technicians are highly qualified to service both.

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