feature-medicalMedical IT services are in place when Loop assumes responsibility for all your information technology needs, from hardware & software procurement, to preventative maintenance, to technical support and everything in between.

why do I need medical IT services?

IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage, and when mission-critical systems fail, they negatively impact your success. Loop technicians help ensure your systems are running at their optimal efficiency proactively reducing down time that may otherwise occur due to a lack of proper monitoring.

why should I choose Loop?

Custom crafted to the unique needs of your business, Loops’ Medical IT services take care of you from your desktop to the edge of your network, within response and resolution times that work for you. Loop understands the need to do more with less and we provide the highest level of reliability and value for your dollar. Loop delivers better services more efficiently, and helps you mitigate risks.

do Loop technicians reside onsite?

Not necessarily. Depending on your specific needs, Loop technicians can be onsite full time, part time, or whenever the situation demands it. Many of our services can be delivered remotely which means we can work on your systems any time, day or night.

what are the advantages?
  • one service provider
  • over 15 years experience in the medical IT industry
  • systems maintained by certified technicians 24/7
  • assurance that your systems are working efficiently and effectively
  • decrease in overhead associated with full time IT staff
  • volume pricing on hardware / software – no need to price-shop
  • a partner that focuses on customer satisfaction
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