Over 80% of IT departments are taking action to cut and monitor spending, according to a new survey by Info-Tech Research Group.

During this global economic slowdown, many organizations are looking at how to reduce operational costs to keep their businesses profitable. This is where IT outsourcing enters the picture. How would like to reduce your IT costs and improve IT Efficiency?

In addition to benefiting from a reduction in IT operational costs, IT outsourcing results in an automatic reduction in training costs, health benefits, and staff turnover. Not to mention the added benefit of having access to more IT expertise and 24/7 support.

Info-Tech Research Group also states: “Outsourcing is being done in roughly 2/3rds of organizations for three key reasons: IT cost savings, IT efficiency and business value, and to level the playing field for small organizations.” Info-Tech Research Group also reports that substantial savings can be realized when one or more areas of IT are outsourced.

Loop USA Inc. can work with you to make your organization more productive. Our team of IT experts can help you develop your outsourcing plan and can take care of you from your desktop to the edge of your network.

Organizations that choose Loop gain more than an IT service provider, they gain an IT partner that understands the need to do more with less. We are also a believer in Green IT and as such offer solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but that also translate into quicker, more efficient service delivery to our clients.

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