keep your business moving forward

Always running out of toner?
Frustrated with constant printer jams and repairs?

Reduce downtime and increase productivity with Print Monitoring and Management, our comprehensive, proactive web-based print monitoring solution.

When you sign up for Print Monitoring and Management Services, we’ll monitor your printer network and automatically respond whenever a device is jammed, low on toner or in need of service. Our team can indentify problems and respond immediately to your printer needs, reducing and often eliminating downtime.

In addition, we can help you identify which devices are causing the most problems (paper jams, repairs, etc.) so you can replace faulty equipment, and improve associate performance while reducing your operating expenses.

how it works

We install Information Collection Engine (ICE) software on your network, allowing us to collect printer data such as meter reads, device serial number, MAC address, toner levels, device alerts and other device-specific information. This information is collected and transmitted via FTP to a secure Print Monitoring and Management Services web server.

improve performance

Use Print Monitoring and Management Services costing and reporting tools to analyze the provided data, identify devices in need of replacement and help the customer improve their fleet deployment.

Print Monitoring and Management Services include

costing tools they help you track your total operations cost and analyze monthly printing costs.

Smart Alerts e-mail alerts help to keep your printers running smoothly and enable us to take a more proactive approach to service calls and toner replacement.

reporting easy to use, customizable reporting allows you to analyze usage, enhance workflow and reduce costs.

per-printer licensing pay only for the functionality you want on the printers you decide to track.

hosted service data is completely secure and accessible only via secure login.